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Google Analytics Premium Released, Only $150,000 Per Year

google-analytics-premium-priceWhen I browsed the new Google Analytics Premium information I scanned, then came to a paragraph titled, “Premium analytics at a reasonable price”.  Surely it must be a few hundred dollars at most I thought, but of course I was totally wrong.  What Google thinks is a reasonable price is not what the average developer or user thinks is reasonable.  Keep reading on and you’ll find this:

Get all of Google Analytics Premium for one flat annual fee of $150,000. (We like to keep things simple.) That includes all the powerful tools your team needs to embrace the evolutionary speed of marketing and web analytics. It also includes full support and all the security and reliability of Google.

We’ve lowered the barrier to enterprise analytics. Because the best numbers shouldn’t be just for those with the biggest pockets.

After reading the title and the first sentence I had to double check it to let it sink in.  I mean, I know there are probably a lot of useful data tools for a large enterprise company, but doesn’t it seem a little ridiculous?

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