Watch Out for the Cyber Monday Trap [Infographic]

As yet another holiday season approaches, people across the nation are preparing. We prepare the turkey, we prepare the holiday themed decorations, and we prepare to open our wallet with lightning-quick speed. After accidentally sleeping in on Black Friday, though, you start to panic – there’s no way the new gaming console you wanted is still in stock! Fear not, however. There’s still Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is full of deals by retailers across the Internet, all vying for your hard-earned dollars. As retailers prepare their sales, back up their servers, and give overtime to their warehouse staff, so, too, are criminals preparing. They’re loading up on malware and backdoor access into some of the Internet’s most popular spots in an attempt to steal your money.

There are multiple ways that thieves can target you and steal your money. Retailers are beefing up their websites, but it might not be enough. Courtesy of, this infographic which shows you the ways that people are looking to attack, and ways you can protect yourself. Take a look at the other ways and shop safely this holiday season.


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