14 Rediculous Reasons Why Tippy The Squirrel Faints


Meet Tippy, the new internet sensation- at least for today.  Tippy is not your normal squirrel.  He has a strange fainting problem where he periodically faints for reasons unknown.  The internet of course is trying to diagnose this fellows problem.  Someone recorded this squirrel, posted it on YouTube, and now it’s the next viral animal to  dominate the internet.

Some of the comments from YouTube user’s are quite hilarious:

Why Does Tippy The Squirrel Faint? (possible reasons curated from the internet)

  1.  Nuts overdose
  2.  Narcoleptic
  3. Drunk Squirrel (there’s a bar across the street)
  4. maybe he’s dying
  5. allergic to nuts
  6. ear infection. “Vertigo”
  7. pure shock at finding something in the grass.. He’s Over excited
  8. he’s been poisoned
  9. “metabolic bone disease”
  10. neurologic disorder
  11.  Could be rabies causing it to lose coordination
  12. power-napping
  13. Looks like orthostatic hypotension (low blood pressure when upright)
  14.  squirrels can get DRUNK by eating mullberries

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