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You Will Be Able To Use Social Media Without Internet- Very Soon

With the convenience of mobile technology, people get in touch with their loved ones round the clock. The modern trends have provided excellent chance to be connected with your social network all the times with use of smart-phones and internet. However, many people cannot afford to buy expensive mobiles with multimedia and browsing options. Internet availability is also an issue at many places which don’t provide Wi-Fi services. These difficulties are sorted out by availability of social media with the aid of mobile network on standard mobile phones that have no browser or multimedia.

Some reliable Reuters have revealed the fact that Twitter will be available for people at international level without any internet access. These awesome services are available at your disposal with the help of partnership of Twitter with U2opia, which is an application services provider, a Singapore-based company. These facilities will provide trending topics on twitter by using a code for accessing the unique services. The options of multimedia and videos will be disabled. Only texts will be supported without internet. It looks unfavorable at this point that the users will be able to update their tweets.

 Following Twitter, Facebook has taken some steps in this regard also. They have done similar sort of partnership with the U2opia. Google Talk has found similar sort of route. Facebook is now available with the aid of Fonetwish without internet for text-based services. Multimedia will be disabled. U2opia has mentioned some interesting facts that more than half a million users of Facebook are accessing it without internet now.

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Twitter and Facebook are marketing their without-internet services in top priority areas like Asia and South America. Facebook has aims to enhance figures of their without-internet users by more than a billion. Twitter is following the same lines of thinking.

The aim of Twitter is to target markets of South Africa and Argentina for attracting their future customers. Their efforts will be focused towards providing cheap access to tweets with the help of older phones also. The release of the new version of tweets is not far now.

The race of social media has certainly increased the availability of our beloved social media now with the aid of mobile network services. We can take advantage of cheap texting services of Twitter and Facebook. Connection with our social network is just one simple code away now.

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