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Snapchat Seeks Restraining Order Against “Co-Founder” On Leaking Private Videos


Snapchat has finally decided to ask for a restraining order against much teasing and fussy, what they call the third owner of photo messaging app “Reggie Bown”. Snapchat is an attractive App used to share videos and images with your social contacts. The data disappears soon after sharing. Evan Spiegel is the CEO of the company and he is controlling the sharing of confidential information.

Recently, Reggie Brown, the classmate of Evan Spiegel, who also claims to be the co-founder of the company, blamed CEO for snatching his ideas. Brown has the views that Snapchat is purely his innovation and CEO is not accrediting him for using his ideas. Brown is now using illegal means of leaking videos of deposition on CEO. These videos clearly show that Spiegel is appreciating the ideas of Brown. CEO also admits that Brown must be appreciated for his efforts especially in the niche of disappearing images. Business Insider was responsible for leaking the confidential videos in latter part of the last month.

SEO filed restraining orders against Brown to prevent him from leaking the confidential data. The lawsuit has already declared the videos as confidential and it would be illegal if someone discloses them. This case recalls something from February when Brown claimed his Snapchat ideas.

Restraining orders were necessary to stop the reputation of Snapchat from getting destroyed. Leakage of videos would amount to huge loss on the part of the company. The restraining orders have been temporarily imposed at the moment. The illegal means of Brown can prove costly for him and he could be kicked out of the company. His allegations on CEO could prove lethal for him in the future.

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This issue of claiming for ideas is not a big surprise as some people have done quite similar to such sort of thing to SEO of popular social network Facebook in the past. It was rather new during 2004 when that allegation was raised. The twin brothers, Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler alleged SEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg of stealing the idea of the social networking. The twins ended up with $20 million cash as well as 1.2 million shares of the total Facebook shares. They were able to reap fruits out of their allegation. However, these shares don’t count much as compared to the worth of Facebook now. Zuckerberg stands tall as the largest share holder with the company of $100 billion worth.

Facebook tried to purchase Snapchat for just $4 billion in previous month, but their bid was turned down by Evan Spiegel.

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