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Top 5 Android Apps to Teach Your Children Math

Today’s kids are into technology, more than they ever were. So why not use the technology for something beneficial? Math is a subject every kid will have to learn, and it can be quite tough sometimes. Use the Android device you have, a tablet or smartphone, to help them with their education. Here are the top 5 Android apps that can help teach your children math.

1. Math Training for Kids


This simple and easy math app teaches the fundamentals of math (addition, multiplication, subtraction and division) and will improve the skill level of your child. It has three difficulty levels, so you can start easy and move onto harder concepts. This app is prefect for children and combines the concepts of maths with fun. It is free for Android, so get this app right away if you want to improve your child’s math skills.

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2. Einstein Math Academy


It comes with four different game modes and has bright colors, music and sound effects to keep your child entertained. This app helps kids get familiar with numbers and recognize symbols. Great for kids who are starting math and need some fun to keep themselves involved in it. Get it for free on the Android Store.

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3. Kids Math


The goal in this app is to pass all eight levels in a specific time by answering ten math questions on each level. Each question is given 30 seconds of time to be answered. The competitive and fun nature of this app draws kids to play it more and more. Correct answers give the players four extra seconds. A great app for children to speed up their math skills, get it for free on the Android Store.

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4. Mathmateer

Mathmateer is for the creative side of kids. To build a rocket-ship, kids need to earn money by answering simple math challenges. The app has been voted in the top 10 best apps for school kids by Appolicious because of it’s ability to mix math and gaming at its best. It is not free on the Android Store, but only costs $0.99. A greatly recommended app for kids.

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5. Let’s Do the Math

Another great, free math app that will keep your kids busy is Let’s Do Math. With over 15 kinds of exercises in three categories and over 50 word problems focusing on subtraction and addition, this app will keep your children entertained and learning at the same time. Get it for free on the Android Store and watch your kid’s maths skills grow.

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