Facebook New Layout Rolled Out

A few days ago Facebook asked me if I wanted to become eligible to gain access to the new Facebook design. I accepted, however even before I saw this message I noticed my Facebook business pages were intermittently styled different.  The fonts and layout seemed to be broken up different.  Today I noticed Facebook rolled out these spotty design changes I was noticing into my personal page for good (I think).  Some users may not notice the subtle changes, but a designer and perfectionist like me will notice right away.  I instantly noticed there was a sidebar active all the time.  I don’t remember it being active on the feed page (only the settings page), unless I’m going crazy.  Also, the right advertiser bar appears to be wider and the content area slightly smaller.  The fonts have all increased in size and seem to be darker in color for more contrast.  See for yourself:

facebook layout change update


One issue I noticed right away is the fact that not all images are centered or covering the middle column, which looks odd because they have a lot of white space on the right hand side.  I’m not too much of a fan of the left sidebar active at all times either but, we’ll see if it stays.

They are probably doing their usual roll-out, which sometimes takes a few weeks or months, so don’t be surprised if it takes you longer to see these changes or even to hear it in the news.

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  1. Mia Bard

    I’m not a fan of these new changes. The ‘news feed option’ (of whether you want to see “Top Stories” or “Most Recent”) is also now buried in the left-hand nav bar.


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