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Reduce the Size of PNGs without Compromising the Quality Using PNGoo

Get the great quality images for your web pages with size in few KBs only with the aid of wonderful image compression tool called PNGoo.

It is well known fact that there are three image formats mostly used: Jpeg that is lossy but used frequently since it lends good quality to pictures in low space, GIFs that support transparency and animation with limitations for reproduction of large range of colors, and lastly there is PNG that supports transparency but doesn’t compromise on reproducing the original picture. However, it takes perhaps too much space for ease of users.


In most of the websites, PNGs are used for most of the screenshots. The main reason for using PNGs is that it lends crisp quality to the images that are desired on web pages. However, the main drawback for using the PNG images on web pages is their large size and hence slow loading of pages. That also creates more stress on web servers. In order to solve this issue, TinyPNG comes up with their good features of having the quality of PNG images while having the smaller size also for faster browsing.

TinyPNG is the online tool for image processing for your desired quality. However, the real problem occurs when you don’t have an internet access and you want to process many images. Besides having the internet access, most of the users would prefer the local processing of images for faster achievement of results.

In order to have the desired features, you must try PNGoo that is developed by Kornel Lesinski. This is a windows utility that acts as a graphical user interface (GUI) that is a command line tool used for pngquant that reduces the size of PNG image significantly without affecting the quality of images.


The results of PNGoo are really amazing. PNGoo is not only faster but also more efficient than other image compression tools such as PNGgauntlet. PNGoo also provides a great option to overwrite the current PNG image of large size so that you don’t have to save the reduced size image into a new folder. Additionally, you can change the output directory where the images are to be saved. You can also play with the color settings if required for better results.

Linux doesn’t contain the alternative of PNGquant. However, OS X users may try ImageAlpha from the original website of PNGquant as given below.

Download PNGoo from

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