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Facebook To Launch Exclusive News and Content Platform to Crush Google News

Facebook is planning to launch its exclusive news service using which, famous news websites will be able to host content directly on Facebook platform rather than just pasting links for sharing. The New York Times published a report and said that Facebook is in talks with famous publishers like Buzzfeed, The New York Times, Times, National Geographic and others. More than a dozen major news powerhouses have expressed their interest. The source claims that the Facebook exclusive news and content service will be launched in next several months.

This feature, if culminated, will be huge and a threat to Google. Google is the current juggernaut in content hosting, publishing and ads. All the major platforms strive to get featured in Google news. But Facebook news and content service will split this monopoly.

Facebook is tapping in a plethora of domains. It is trying to launch exclusive calling services, ads platform, a complete gaming and entertainment platform in its Facebook Messenger and much more. The company is relentless and tirelessly working to get deals with new companies to craft and ecosystem.

Advertisers and publishers will have to reconsider their complete content strategies and marketing campaigns if Facebook wins the deals with major websites. Facebook will turn out to be a major news platform and services. A few months back, Facebook launched its news fire page, but couldn’t get much attention from the viewers.

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