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Microsoft Announce Surface 3: A Beautiful Hybrid Tablet Running Full Windows

Microsoft has announced a new iteration of its Surface hybrid tablet line today with Surface 3. Surface 3 costs just $499. It is a beautiful slate, sleek, less in weight as compared to its previous versions. It will not have Windows RT like the previous versions, rather a full Windows operating system. Surface 3 is a complete laptop, with 10.8 inch screen and detachable keyboard.

Surface 3 looks exactly like Surface Pro 3 tablet, which is far costlier than Surface 3. But obviously, Surface Pro 3 has more power and storage. Surface 3 packs a 2GB Ram, 64GB internal storage. You will not get the accessories and covers in the $499 tag price. Microsoft also announced that you could double the RAM of Surface 3 in $100 extra. Surface 3 has ATOM X7 Cherry Trail processor.

Surface 3 tablet will have a one-year long free subscription of Office 365 apps. The best part is that it will be running full Windows 8.1— and would be upgraded to Windows 10 when it comes of course. This solves a lot of problems for the users who hate windows RT because of its inability to run the apps like we want in the original Windows productivity style.

Surface Pro 3 had a huge price tag and a lot of users were complaining. I think Microsoft has solved the problem as Surface 3 tablet can easily be labelled as another, slightly slow (as compared to Surface Pro), cheap version of Surface Pro 3.

Surface Pro 3 is now open for pre-sales and the general rollout will be done by Microsoft in May.

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