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You Can Now Play Pac-Man Game in Google Maps

April Fool’s day has started to hit some parts of the world and Google thought it’s about time to have some fun. A few hours ago, Google Maps Twitter account was updated with an enigmatic update which looked like this:

google map pac man game 1

People rushed over to Google Maps Web page and saw that the search engine giant has updated the interface and you could now play the famous and all-time addictive Pac-Man game in the streets, roads and paths of Google Maps.

Open the web version of Google Maps and you will see a little Pac-Man icon on the left bottom of the screen. Click it and then select ‘Start’ option. If everything goes right, Google Maps will render a map of your surroundings and you could start playing. Otherwise, the pop-up menu will say that there aren’t any suitable roads around with an option saying ‘I’m feeling lucky’. The game will start and you could enjoy as long as you want. You can always switch back to the normal Google Maps version whenever you want by clicking the related option from the screen.

Google keeps rolling out Doodles and small games in its search engine, Maps and other services on different event days. It also rolled out a Pokémon game on April Fool last year and a fun doodle game as an Easter Egg a few years ago.

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