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Google’s New Feature Makes Finding New, Useful Android Apps Easy

Google has launched an amazing feature using which Android users can discover useful new apps based on search. The feature is launched for the Android app developers to beef up the app install ads and promotions. But if you are an Android user, you can get the best app install suggestions from Google.

Literally thousands of Android apps are launched daily on the Play Store. One cannot keep track of everything. And frankly, apps can make our lives easier. There is an app for everything. Google wants to make content discovery easy for its users.

Suppose you go to Google to search for tricks to make a perfect sandwich. Apart from the results related to content, Google will now suggest you apps that have your related answer. For example, it could suggest you the Daily Mail or Buzzfeed app; after installing the app, your will be directed to the article having the answer to your question.

This process is called app indexing. Back in 2013, Google launched it, but it was pretty useless because all the apps that were shown or suggested were those which were already installed in the user’s phone. Now, you will get the app that are not installed on your phone.

Google is taking these steps to increase its mobile grasp. This is in an effort to tackle its competitors like Facebook. Google’s new feature is basically for the app developers. App developers could now use this feature to showcase their apps in front of thousands and thousands of Googlers.

You can read in detail about the new feature on the official Google’s announcement.

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