Forget Spartan, “Edge” Is the New Microsoft Browser

Microsoft has announced its next browser after internet explorer and it’s called “Microsoft Edge”. Before this, the company said that Project Spartan will be the next browser after IE.

A month ago, Microsoft announced that it is shutting down its Internet Explorer browser because it has failed to grab the market and it could not compete with Google Chrome and Firefox. IE was becoming a trademark for sloppy performance, slow browsing.

Microsoft said that it is launching a new project Spartan as its new browser. But as the it is clear from the name ‘project’ , it was clearly not the brand name of a service rather a generic project. Today, during the much awaited Microsoft build developers conference 2015, the company announced that the official new browser of Microsoft will be called ‘Edge’. It was a surprise for everyone, including the major tech players.

This is a developing story and we will keep updating it as the details emerge.

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