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Google Launches ‘Collections’ in Google Plus To Compete With Pinterest

Google has launched a new Pinterest-like social media feature called ‘Google+ Collections’, which will allow its users to make separate collections of images and other items related to different topics. Google suffered a complete failure in its social media endeavors in the past. Orkut, Google+ didn’t come up to the expectations of the users and failed to garner any visible user base. But the search engine giant is still clinging to its efforts.

A Google+ Collection will be a complete platform in itself. You can post status updates, links, videos, images and much more. You can create a Google+ Collection from the Google+ main home page. You can set the visibility settings according to your choice. A collection could only be viewed by a people to whom you have given access. You can create a collection and dedicate it to a specific topic of your interest like cooking, photography, stickers, coins, breads, cars etc. You will get a separate ‘collections’ section on your Google+ profile.

Google+ collections feature is now rolling out for Web and Android app for Google+. The iOs users will have to wait a little to get Google Collections.

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