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Nintendo To Launch 5 New Mobile Games in 2017

Nintendo has finally announced what we all were waiting for. The game giant will launch its own mobile games. Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, said that his company will launch 5 new mobile games in March, 2017. While the date of the games arrival is too late, still, it’s a great news for the Nintendo game fans as they will get their hands on some exciting new games on Android and iOS.

Recently, Nintendo struck a deal with the Japanese game, mobile and e-commerce giant ‘DeNA’. The deal has played a key role in Nintendo’s decision to go mobile. Last year, Nintendo categorically said that it has no plans whatsoever to launch mobile games.

Iwata said that with the increasing growth of smartphones around the world, it is but natural for Nintendo to tap into this area. He said that all of the upcoming 5 titles will be hits. These games will feature famous Nintendo characters and plots.

Iwata teased what could be the game-changing innovation by Nintendo. He said that Nintendo is working on multi-device membership service which will connect platforms like Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PCs, mobiles and consoles. This would revolutionize the gaming industry as fans will be able to play games across different platforms in complete collaborative, real-time environments.

Nintendo is scaling up its business big time. This week, it announced a new partnership with Universal Parks & Resorts after which fans will get Nintendo systems and games in the famous Theme Parks.


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