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Microsoft’s Skype Translator App For Live Translation of Conversations Launched  

Microsoft has launched its Skype translator app which could translate more than 50 languages into English and vice versa. The app is free and the beta version is now available for download for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 technical preview users.

Microsoft’s new Skype translator app looks exactly like the normal Skype app. The only difference in the UI is the ‘Translation’ slider button. The app cannot detect the language spoken during the conversation automatically on the fly, which means before the start of conversation, you will have to specify which conversation language. Suppose you are going to chat with an Italian, just set the language of the conversation to Italian and you are good to go.
Skype translator app is still in the preview version, but it is a dream come true for businesses, Enterprise, students. The concept of live translation is pretty new; Microsoft has tapped in the right area earlier than its competitors.
Microsoft’s Skype Translator app works with any Skype client. You don’t need the app to be installed in the other person’s computer as well to enjoy the live translation.

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