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Facebook ‘Instant Articles’: Buzzfeed, New York Times Start Publishing Exclusive Content on Facebook

Facebook has finally started its exclusive publishing program called ‘Instant Articles’ from today. Major publishers like Buzzfeed, The New York Times, NBC, National Geographic will start posting exclusive content on their Facebook pages.

In the start, Facebook’s iOS app will load the instant articles for its users. An Android app is in the making for instant articles.
The New York Times announced that it is going in the Facebook’s publishers program with ‘open eyes’. He was pointing out towards the skepticism regarding the threats to advertisers from the latest Facebook program.

Buzzfeed President said that instead of dictating its terms, Facebook is offering complete customization, even ‘sponsored articles’; so there is nothing to worry about.

Facebook will give full control over presentation, look and feel of their content. It will give 100% revenue for the publishers. There is also an option for covert the articles for the Facebook’s forgotten ‘Paper’ app for iOS.

Sources suggest that although the pace of acceptance of instant articles program is slow, it will gain popularity in the coming months.

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