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BitTorrent’s Bleep Messaging App Offers End to End, P2P, Serverless Encryption for Free

BitTorrent has launched a new messaging app which will provide end-to-end, peer-to-peer encryption and security over your messages. The app is called ‘Bleep’ and it is now available for free for iOS, Windows, Android, and Mac. BitTorrent. The best feature which could make this app stand out among the hundreds of messaging apps is its ability to operate without any central server or Cloud. BitTorrent claims that the messages sent or received via Bleep will not be saved on the Cloud or at the servers, so no third party could hack and read your messages.

Bleep has a ‘Whisper’ feature which lets you send self-destructible messages. A ‘whisper’ will be deleted as soon as it is read.

Bleep supports end to end encryption, which, surprisingly, is not supported by iMessage, WhatsApp or Viber. You can also make secure Voice Calls using Bleep.

Download Bleep By BitTorrent

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