9 Reasons to Track Social Analytics

When’s the last time you logged onto Facebook or Twitter? If you’re anything like the average modern man, then it was likely within the last day.

The digital era has brought on new challenges, needs, and goals for businesses. Understanding and using social analytics is becoming more of a necessity for companies.

Why should you join the trend? Read on to get our top nine reasons why it’s crucial to track social analytics.

1. Understand Your Base

What business wouldn’t gain from learning more about what their customers want? Social media analytics gives you this ability without spending hundreds of dollars.

The real importance of social media analytics is in the data. The data shows what your customers want, need, and expect.

2. Identify Influences

How many customers would you draw if Kanye West gave you a social media mention? Social media analytics help identify who your influencers are. They’ll also help you discover the best sites for influencers.

3. Social Analytics Help Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Are your efforts paying off? Social analytics can help you know for sure whether you are.

Do you have questions about marketing automation? How can it help make campaigns more effective? Check out the Brass Ring Consulting Group website for great articles about marketing automation.

4. Improve Your Targeted Marketing Tactics

How does social media data analytics help improve targeted marketing? Harvard researchers found that targeted ads must be accurate to be effective. Social media data analysis is one way to ensure your ads are accurate.

5. Master Customer Interactions

Interacting with your customers is critical in the social media era. If you don’t, then you run the risk of the situation escalating. Social analytics can help you in these key areas:

  • Responding to feedback
  • Recognizing mentions
  • Participating in hashtags

 Mastering these interactions is possible with the help of analytics.

6. Stay Relevant

Analytics gives you the ability to stay on top of trends. Use this information to stay relevant.

7. Check Out Your Competitors

To be a step above the rest, you need to know what your competitors are doing. Social media analytics gives you an edge over the competition.

It also allows you to see what areas your competitors are succeeding in. Use this knowledge to your advantage!

8. It’s Cost-Effective (Saves Time and Money)

Social analytics save time and money by focusing your efforts on efficient methods. It also draws more customers in, which means more revenue.

Social media and SEO interconnect. Followers on social media are more likely to visit your website. In turn, this improves your SEO ranking.

9. Better Content

These various advantages of social media and analytics all work together. Understanding your base and the effectiveness of your campaigns leads to better content.

Better content means more exposure and more customers.

What’s the bottom line? Social media analysis services bring more business to your company.

The Future Is Now

As the world continues to move online, social analytics is becoming more critical. Do you think it would benefit your business to investigate?

Can you think of another reason why social analytics are important today? Did we leave something out of this list? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a reply in the box below.

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