3 Things About Keywords That You Should Know Before You Write SEO Content

We are indeed in the age of information. Anyone – from someone as old as 89 to someone as young as 6 – now has access to a wide array of information stored on the world wide web. This information is produced and shared by individuals who are experts (or at least knowledgeable) in their specific niches. 

If you are among those who know a lot about a particular topic, it might be beneficial for you to start a website. This site’s pages will serve as the repository of your growing knowledge and expertise. Through the Internet, other people with similar interests can access and benefit from the information that you share. 

Now, running a website can also be a money-making venture. There are systems in place that monetize the visits that go to your pages. Of course, the more visits there are, the bigger the earnings. So there’s a need to promote the website to get more traffic. Writing articles for search engine optimization or SEO is going to be of great help here. Such articles must contain keywords, and this article outlines the three things that you should know about keywords and how they work

Keywords are still important

Before anything else, it is important to stress here that keywords are still very important. They represent concepts that people are talking about, making it easier for search engines to sort and store content and for users to retrieve it. 

Because of that, it’s important for you to do keyword research before you start writing content. The research process helps you determine which keyword best represents the topic that you want to capture. It will also give you an idea how many times a keyword is used to search for a specific topic. The SEO firms featured on are very knowledgeable about the importance of keyword research

Keyword density doesn’t matter that much

In the past, SEO specialists recommended that the keyword should comprise a certain percentage of the total number of words. As an effect, several published articles had unnatural sounding content because the keyword was forcefully inserted too many times. Needless to say, this makes the article sound less credible and less professional. 

It’s a good thing that the algorithms of Google and other search engines have been updated; they now assess articles by focusing on its substance, not on the number of keywords it contains. This means that the search engines do not just look at the keywords, they also look at the other words that are used together with them. An article about a “basketball shoe,” for example, should have words such as “feet,” “run,” or “walk” because these are concepts that are very related to the main topic. Because of this, the keyword doesn’t have to appear a specific number of times. It can now be used naturally in appropriate parts of the text. 

Keywords don’t have to be the exact same string of words

Since keywords are assessed together with the context of the article that they appear in, it doesn’t matter that much if it appears as the exact same string of words. Keywords can now be varied quite naturally all throughout the text. An article about “Adidas Harden Vol 3” can use variations such as “Harden 3,” “3rd Volume Hardens,” and “Harden Vol 3” without affecting its SEO value.

Learning how to use keywords makes it possible for you as a writer to maximize your efforts by directing them to things that really matter. This article just gets the ball rolling for you.

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