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What You Need to Know About SEO as a Social Media Manager

Social media platforms are increasingly crucial to the success of businesses today. As a social media manager; have to create, schedule, and share content on social media to trigger engagement. Of course, there is a lot you already know about optimizing social media as a manager, but there is no end to learning. SEO is also a vital part of social media management. You can hire an agency such as Minneapolis SEO to help you better your social media SEO or optimize your page yourself. Below are several things you have to master if you want to see the fruits of your social media SEO efforts. 

Performing a thorough keyword research

Two types of keywords come into play on social media. There are the traditional keywords which you should research and include in your titles, profile, texts, and images; and there are hashtags. Both make your content more discoverable by people who may be searching for you. 

While repeating the same keywords over and over may be the genera practice of businesses, sometimes it does not produce the required result. You may need to perform a thorough keyword research before posting content. Below are various ways you can perform keyword research. 


  • Use Google keyword planner


The Google keyword research tool enables you to research keywords based on several criteria. You also get insights on the performance of your ongoing marketing campaigns and how your competitors are faring.


  • Buzzsumo


With Buzzsumo, you can catch the most popular content being shared on social media and its trends. Busszumo also has a Facebook analyzer which is perfect for social media managers. 

Creating great content

The kind of content you post is what will dictate the strength of your relationship with your audience. Content should be conversational, educative, eye catching, and ultimately engaging. Find out what your competitors are doing on their social media pages and try to employ the same strategies to get people talking. Use more visual aspects such as videos, memes, and images.

Market your content

While likes and shares are important, they may not influence the ranking of your social media page although they can help you gather more page views. Strive for backlinks by promoting your content widely so that people can link to it. 

Some SEO benefits you will derive from an optimized social media page

Know what your audience wants

Finding the most appropriate keyword today involves uncovering user intent. Understanding the intention of the researcher allows you to use the keyword appropriately and attract the right crowd. You can unveil user intent by listening to the conversations your audience is having on social media. 

Attract a loyal audience

SEO optimization is about attracting a loyal audience through the use of strategies such as keywords and posting high-quality content. You also become a reliable source of information in your sector hence more people will click on our content in the search engine results pages. 

As you plan to venture into social media SEO, have a list of the metrics you plan to use to share results. This could be in the form of shares, likes, or backlinks. The level of engagement in terms of comments can also be an important metric.

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