Top Ways a PR Firm Can Grow Your Business

Small businesses generally do not have the resources or time to do all their own market research and effective marketing. These tasks end up often on the back burner instead of out front ready to launch. When a business doesn’t focus on marketing, they have a harder time growing and expanding. Using a public relations firm can give you access to experienced professionals focused on growing your business in a variety of ways.

Network Growth

Hiring a Portland PR agency like Bloom Communications can give you access to a wider network of business contacts. Many PR firms work with a variety of clients across different industries. Creating a larger business network can help you find better vendors or providers to work with that save your business money or time.

Press Releases

When you launch a new product, change locations or have a huge anniversary sale, you don’t want the public to miss it. However, creating and launching your own press releases is not something every business has within their wheelhouse to do effectively. This is a great place for a PR firm to help you let everyone in your community know about the exciting things going on in your business. Or go nationally and expand your market share with a targeted and crafted press release.

Market Research

Market research can be quite time-consuming especially if you don’t really know what you are looking for. They can put together focus groups, conduct customer surveys and analyze a variety of data. The best market research helps how your business markets its products or services to the best effect. You may be interested in launching a new service or product. Market research can help you gauge customer interest prior to launch.

Special Events

Get involved in your community with a special event. However, don’t do all the leg work, hire a PR firm to handle all the details. The PR firm addresses the specific community you are targeting and caters the event to meet their needs. They look at effective ways you can sponsor or participate in events that meet the goals of your business and the needs of the local community.

Pitch Articles

Every business has a story. Yours is no different. PR professionals look for that angle that makes your business stand out among the crowd. Big businesses often get the benefit of these feature articles that showcase what they have to offer and who they are. As a smaller business, hire a PR firm to give you similar community or national exposure with something that is important to your business.

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