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Harvey Weinstein is Guilty – Rape accusations are true

Harvey Weinstein, a former Holywood film producer, was found guilty of two felonies, a sex crime, and rape.

Namely, dozen of women filed a case against Weinstein and accused him of a sexual crime. The verdict against Harvey Weinstein was made at the Manhattan trial.

However, Harvey got a non-guilty verdict for the most serious charges against him on the two counts on predatory sexual assault.

Harvey Winestine is currently in hospital and he is subject to a possible sentence of 5 to 29 years.

Harvey Weinstein was one of the most influential producers in Hollywood and cofounder of Miramax studio

Together with his brother, Harvey was a co-founder of the Miramax studio and a renowned Hollywood producer.

We remember him by classics like “Lord of the rings”, “Shakespeare in love”, “Pult fiction” and many others. However, Disney bought Miramax studio in 1993 but Harvey continued to count successes with the movies he was producing.

Furthermore, Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob later on cofounder the Weinstein company and continued going down the successful path when it comes to film production.

However, the Weinstein company was shut down in 2018 after more than 80 women had made allegations accusing him of sexual assault of various felonies.

Allegedly, as Harvey was working as a producer, he sexually assaulted many actresses and their female assistants.

Moreover, Harvey Weinstein said in his defense that all the acts were consensual.

Verdict against Harvey Weinstein became crucial for the #MeeToo movement

One of Harvey’s victims was Tarana Burke, the activist who originally started #MeeToo movement.

She said that the verdict against Weinstein brought justice to all of the women who were supposedly assaulted by him.

In that light, the guilty verdict is a sign that a way of treating sexual violence, even if it comes from a powerful man like Harvey Weinstein is, is going the righteous path.

After the verdict had been announced, Harvey was shocked and he was staring in the blank.

Allegedly, he shouted to his lawyers that he is innocent and was in an obvious state of shock.

Soon after, the judge declared that Harvey Weinstein is to be sent to jail immediately where he would await his sentencing.

However, Harvey had been transported in an ambulance to the Rikers Island prison infirmary. But, later on, he was sent to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan because of chest pain and palpitations.

Allegedly, his lawyer, Ms. Rotunno, announced that he is feeling alright for know.

Furthermore, Rottuno was planning to challenge his detention scheduled for immediately after the trial.

As a defense to Harvey’s Winestine case, she declared that the women who had accused her client of carrying on a sexual assault did so to advance their careers.

Namely, there were all consensual and willing encounters according to the lawyer.

It is yet to be seen what will be the final conclusion on the trial of Harvey Weinstein and will the similar cases of sexual abuse and assault come to light in the future.

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