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Nashville Tornado Rampages Through Tennessee – Several Deaths Reported

The two tornado formations that were spotted near central Tennessee last night have done some serious damage to the endangered zone while also carrying few lives. Nashville Tornado is one of the biggest they saw in years.

As we know, several deaths have been confirmed in Nashville, some people were injured, while serious material damage was done to the houses of homeowners in Nashville.

The Nashville tornadoes have spread across few counties, where everyone is experiencing tragic loss over the damage this tornado did.

The Tennessee authorities are stating that the most important thing you can do if you happen to live in this area is to remain calm and stay fortified in your home.

Moreover, the rescue department of the Metro Nashville Police is doing all in its power to help the citizens in danger from the Nashville tornadoes.

Nashville Tornado in the Eyes of the Residents

There have been numerous situations of citizens capturing the first moments of the tornadoes on camera or by phone.

The actual images of the tornado occurrence are shocking and dramatic as the whole sky was colored into shades of purple, as the first sign that the Nashville tornadoes will be devastating.

Residents of downtown Nashville gave their best to film the situation and warn the others regarding the location and the size of the tornadoes in making.

One of them managed to record the moving path of the tornado from the building he was located in.

The meteorologists also stated that these tornadoes are to be taken very seriously and that the storm will be one of the strongest to hit the Tennessee area recently.

Casualties and Estimated Damage

As the reporters’ state after the first assessment of the damage, the Nashville tornadoes have taken near 20 casualties in the state capital and Tennessee overall.

Some experts have referred to this situation as “tragic” for the entire state since, alongside the lives lost, many homes and buildings will never be the same.

Namely, the greatest damage is in the East Nashville, Donelson neighborhood and Mt. Juliet which is located approximately 20 miles away from East Nashville.

One thing is for sure, the officials will do their best to save and help as many people possible while the storm of this size and Nashville tornadoes did more damage than we could even expect.

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