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Katy Perry is Pregnant – She announced it With a Song

It came as a little bit of surprise, but after the release of Katy Perry new song “Never worn white” one thing has certainly been confirmed – the famous singer is pregnant.

The reason we found out of this discovery was the scene from the ending of her new hit song where you could see that she now has a baby belly.

Katy Perry was later on involved in a chat with her fans where some of them celebrated and congratulated the singer, as well as her fiancée Orlando Bloom for getting the chance to be parents.

As we all know, Orlando already has a son, so this experience will most likely be more sensitive for Katy Perry, as this will be her first time being in the role of mother.

Namely, the singer tried to keep that information a secret for as long as possible and although it is very tough to hide the belly and the joy of becoming a parent from other people, Katy Perry has successfully kept this a secret for quite a while.

Katy Perry: Her Future Career and Wedding Plans

As the due time comes closer and closer, Katy Perry will not have much time for resting and standing still.

She has yet to organize the whole wedding ceremony with her future husband, while she also wants to work on her career while being pregnant as well.

She will, of course, try not to do anything too tiring for the sake of the baby, but she will stay focused on her music.

We are yet still waiting for the organization of the celebrity wedding with Orlando, but as it seems now is not the time to rush it since the couple is very happy for getting the chance to parent a child together.

In her recent tweets and posts on social media, Katy Perry had some very funny comments on people finally discovering her pregnancy.

She joked how now she does not have to carry a big purse around, while also expressing the desire for certain food types.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom will certainly make great parents since you can see their love blooming from far away.

One thing is for sure – the child will have no difficulties finding pictures of its parents from younger days since it will be able to watch mommy in music videos and, well, of course, you can always see Orlando by watching the Lord of the Rings.

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