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What can we expect from Coronavirus Vaccine – Is Society ready to move on?

Most countries in the world are doing total lock down since coronavirus is still out there. However, scientists are close to finding the cure – coronavirus vaccine.

Fear of the virus spread

At the moment, there is no certain cure for COVID-19. Scientists are working on the development of the coronavirus vaccine, but it is still not ready for use.

Therefore, Americans are maintaining social distancing through the end of the month. Only in order to bring the coronavirus under control.

If people followed these orders, models suggest that the epidemic could decrease by summer. There is also hope that the change of weather will help slow down the spread of the virus. However, that is still uncertain.

However, even if things got better, the virus will not have gone away.

Mark Denison, director of the division of pediatric infectious diseases at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, stated that the virus is in thousands of locations around the world, and it will continue to spread.

Furthermore, the virus stops spreading when people are immune from infection. Either because the ill ones are immune to it or because they had a vaccine.

Denison worries that the virus could easily flare up again once people start going back to work. Also, with restarting their accustomed activities.

Development of the coronavirus vaccine

The best protection against the virus would be a vaccine. But, unfortunately, that is at least a year away, even if the crash development programs now underway succeed.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that it might be possible to loosen the social restrictions sooner. He does not think that the country cannot go back to a real degree of normalcy. Not even unless there is an absolutely safe and effective coronavirus vaccine.

According to US Public Health Service Administrator Brett Giroir. There’s a test that measures people’s antibodies and presumably their immunity to the virus will be widely available by May.

Fauci said that kind of test will be very important. Only because then health officials will know how widely the virus has spread.

Moreover, broader testing capability, including antibody testing, would help the country reduce the kind of COVID-19 mitigation by social distancing that is currently in effect.

It will be in the health officials’ capability to identify cases, contact tracing. And therefore, isolate the virus so it never gets out of hand.

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