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Boris Jonson is infected with Coronavirus – How is he doing?

The coronavirus is not avoiding anyone, not even politicians or celebrities. Therefore, the British Prime minister, Boris Jonson, has been infected with the coronavirus.

Downing Street is saying that Boris Jonson is out of intensive care but remains in the hospital.

Boris Jonson in recovery

Mr. Jonson has been receiving treatment for coronavirus at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. Additionally, there he will receive close monitoring during the early phase of his recovery.

Anyhow, on Sunday, 10 days after testing positive on the coronavirus, he started his path to hospital. On Monday he needed to go to the intensive care.

Boris Jonson needs standard oxygen treatment in intensive care. However, he didn’t need ventilator to survive.

He is in an extremely good mood. He continues to improve after a good night and he also thanked NHS for the brilliant care he has received.

Furthermore, many politicians from all over the world expressed their relief for Jonson’s release from intensive care.

United States President Donald Trump tweeted that it is good news Boris was released.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that it is excellent news. So, the prime minister was out of intensive care and on the road to recovery. The NHS is there for everyone and stated that there is no doubt that he was given world-class care.

Newly elected Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer also welcomed the good news. Also, he said in his tweet that he hopes it is the beginning of a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, applause rang across the United Kingdom in the third ‘’Clap for Carers’’ event. People showed their appreciation for the NHS staff and other workers on the front line of the pandemic.

Situation in the government

BBC political correspondent Jessica Parker said it was expected that Foreign Secretary Domini Raab would continue to deputise for the prime minister.

Speaking at the government’s daily briefing earlier, M. Raab is saying that public needs to stay indoors even if there’s a long weekend coming up.

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