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What is coronavirus treatment? How are we reacting to it?

Since the United States is considering reopening the country some things are essential. Namely, creating and developing coronavirus treatment methods towards is one of them.

Therefore, the experts are advising to focus on the development of coronavirus tests. Also, treatments and preventive strategies are important as well.

Antibody testing as the first step

For now, the most reliable method for testing is antibody testing and the FDA approved four of them for now.

Namely, antibody tests are crucial to returning to normal. That’s only because they can confirm whether a patient had the coronavirus and developed antibodies.

Allegedly, those antibodies would grant a patient immunity and protect him from re-infecting again.

The Coronavirus treatment

Currently, there is no working coronavirus treatment or drugs and procedures that can provenly work.

In that light, doctors are currently testing various drugs and trying to come up with effective coronavirus treatment methods.

Moreover, a drug called hydroxychloroquine, which is already approved for treating malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, is under testing.

However, there is not much evidence that it is safe or effective as the coronavirus treatment method for patients.

Furthermore, Swedish and Brazillian doctors even issued warnings. The hydroxychloroquine is creating good ambient for people that are under pain.

Anyhow, dozens of clinical trials are on the way, in the U.S. and also worldwide. So, valid results should show up somewhere around June or July.

Additionally, there is a remdesivir which is quite good for treating sicknesses such as Ebola.

Furthermore, convalescent plasma might become another coronavirus treatment method.

When can we expect vaccines?

Finally, the most reliable prerequisite that the country can be reopened is the vaccination of U.S. citizens.

In that light, Kizzmekia Corbett, lead scientist of the National Institute of Health is saying they are expecting a vaccine in the fall in emergency cases.

That means that it would be used for healthcare workers. Also, those who might be in a continual risk of being exposed to the coronavirus.

Therefore, a vaccine for the general population is in the plan for next spring if all goes well, Corbett added.

However, some scientists are skeptical, saying that the type of vaccine Corbett is referring to was unsuccessful in humans.

Anyhow, an important factor when it comes to going back to normal is the state of mind of people that are under influence of this drug.

Therefore, the world shouldn’t jump the gun too fast and the steps to get back to normal should be considered and implemented carefully.

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