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Is headache a coronavirus symptom?

When it comes to the coronavirus symptoms, many are uncertain which they are, and people are asking is headache a coronavirus symptom?

What’s more, COVID-19 symptoms are similar to those of the flu and that is why it is hard to differentiate them.

How often is headache a coronavirus symptom?

Namely, around 14% of those infected with the coronavirus experience headache say experts from the WHO.

Furthermore, according to testimonies from social media, people are complaining about pretty intense headaches.

That’s why, the question is headache a coronavirus symptom might depend on a person.

Although it is uncommon, the headache can be painful, and it can raise suspicion in person that it has the coronavirus.

Therefore, experts say that headaches can come as a side effect of other common symptoms like fever and fatigue.

Is headache a coronavirus symptom dilemma is undoubtedly strange for a respiratory illness.

However, other underlying conditions a person might have can cause a headache and that might answer is headache a coronavirus symptom question.

One more thing, constant coughing, stuffy sinus, and nose-blowing can physically trigger a headache.

It is advised that you take enough rest and stay at home if you experience any form of headache along with other common coronavirus symptoms.

Additionally, sleep deprivation, not eating properly and dehydration can be the cause of headaches.

Drugs to ease a headache

The discomfort that headache causes is significant and there are many medicines to help ease it.

However, there are some allegations that certain medications, such as ibuprofen and cortisone can worsen the coronavirus symptoms.

Not only that these medications are helpful for a headache, but they also treat fewer as well.

Nonetheless, there is a study that analyzed 89 existing studies on SARS and MERS and existing data on the COVID-19.

Still, no evidence says that taking ibuprofen can worsen the symptoms.

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