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WARNING: Microsoft Reveals New Security Bug in Browser

Well, as if Microsoft hasn’t given us enough reasons to kick their browser to the side, now there is another eason.  Microsoft recently released a security advisory that warns about remote code executions in various versions of Internet Explorer. “This … Continued

Heartbleed SSL Threat Startles Web Industry

Headlines are flashing scary news, that passwords, emails, and other secure information may be at risk across millions of websites who use vulnerable SSL technology. Security researchers say the threat, known as Heartbleed, is serious, partly because it remained undiscovered … Continued

Apple Has Huge Security Bug with Mavericks 10.9.2

Not too long ago Apple released an update for IOS to fix a huge security bug that basically made SSL connections useless.  The IOS system was a quick patch, however Apple didn’t update Mavericks until today.  It’s uncommon for Apple … Continued

Watch Out for the Cyber Monday Trap [Infographic]

As yet another holiday season approaches, people across the nation are preparing. We prepare the turkey, we prepare the holiday themed decorations, and we prepare to open our wallet with lightning-quick speed. After accidentally sleeping in on Black Friday, though, … Continued