HTC Bee, HTC Lexikon Android Froyo Leak

The growing influence of the Android OS (Google Android mobile operation system) cannot be ignored any longer. Devices powered by Android seem to be hitting the market daily. HTC has two new devices coming out, the HTC Bee and HTC … Continued

Dell Streak To Get Android 2.2, AT&T 3G

Dell has cleared up quite a few rumors surrounding their popular tablet… wait, mobile phone… wait, tablet mobile phone called the Dell Streak. 1) Dell Streak will get Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS later this year (2010) 2) The Streak will … Continued

RIP T-Mobile’s Android G1 Phone

Google Android phones have come a long way! It seems like Android has been on the market forever competing with big mobile brands like the iPhone. Google first Android phone was the G1 which showed at T-Mobile on October 22nd, … Continued