Verizon Wireless Shuns Samsung Galaxy S2

Verizon Wireless has decided to not release the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S2 Android smartphone next week, a decision that could be reflective of the patent infringement law suits that Apple has filed against Samsung. Verizon Wireless is showing the world … Continued

LG Optimus Sol Hits Europe in September

LG is ready to expand it’s lineup of Android smartphone phones with the release of the ultra thin LG Optimus Sol. This new LG Android phone will be sporting the Android 2.3 release along with HSDPA support – NFC support … Continued

550,000 New Android Phones Being Activated Each Day

Here’s the reality of Google Android’s OS that powers smartphones.  According to Google there are 550,000 new Android smartphones being activated each day.  This is an astounding number, to say the least.  And a number that, with Android being so new … Continued

One Billion Smartphones Sold Annually by 2016

One billion is an awfully big number, no matter what the unit of measurement may be.  One billion dollars, one billion people, one billion fire flies – you name it, and any figure that begins with the letter “b” is … Continued

Droid Bionic Expected To Challenge The iPhone 5

With so much talk and expectation about the upcoming iPhone 5, you’d think that Apple’s next iPhone is the only thing coming down the pipe for the smartphone market. That would be a dangerous assumption, and one I know Apple … Continued