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Amazon Tablet Will Be iPad’s Biggest Competitor

Exactly when the Amazon tablet is going to hit the market is unknown at this point.  Most speculation puts Amazon releasing their Android tablet sometime in October.  With analysts expecting Amazon to sell nearly 5 million units of their tablet … Continued

Amazon Expects To Ship 3 Million Tablets By October

News out of Taiwan tonight claims that, according to production figures, Amazon is on track to sell nearly 3 million tablets by October. Since the beginning of July, PC manufacturer Quanta has been in mass production mode for Amazon, stating … Continued

Google Search Redesigned for Tablets

Google just updated their new user interface for tablet devices.  The new Google search engine design for tablets allows for a more roomy experience on tablet devices.  Bigger buttons to touch, easier navigation across the tablet interface, and search results … Continued

Verizon To Launch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G, Pricing Here

Verizon Wireless announced the 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available for purchase on July 28th (that’s Friday).  The Verizon Galaxy Tab will be available on Verizon’s 4G LTE network and will reportedly push download speeds between … Continued