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Coronavirus New York Cases – It’s getting out of control

A positive case of coronavirus in New York, after a nursing home resident died in Washington state, which indicates that the virus had moved from the West to the East Coast Coronavirus in New York and other States As of now, there are more than 92,743 cases in Washington State in U.S. and even more […]

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Coronavirus in California – Virus resulted in more Deaths

Following Tuesday, three more deaths were connected with the coronavirus, officially called COVID-19, in the United States as Coronavirus California spreads. Supposedly, coronavirus could be far more dangerous than the seasonal flu according to the World Health Organization. Furthermore, if we compare mortality rates of the common flu and the coronavirus in the United States, […]

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The US is Rapidly Evacuating Americans – Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses 100

We’ve already heard and seen what the coronavirus is able to do, and, that’s exactly the reason why the US is evacuating Americans from Wuhan. Namely, the new coronavirus is spreading rapidly which means that other countries are in the fear of being infected by it. Therefore, the U.S. consulate staffers and every other citizen […]