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Traveling Updates – What can we expect?

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the intentional economy and disrupted our lives in the beginning of 2020. It shut down all traveling. Start of traveling Experts agreed that it would take around 18 to 24 months for the industry to begin returning to regular levels. Meanwhile, travel industry will undergo some big changes: new security […]

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Coronavirus Risk is high for Travelers – Staying at Home recommended

As we all know, coronavirus risk disrupted life and all other social activities worldwide, including traveling and trip planning. Therefore, those are disrupted since the start of the pandemic. So, none can tell how much will the disruption last because of Coronavirus risk. Coronavirus risk responsible for plummeting price of flight tickets All-around world prices […]

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Spain is under lockdown – Fight against coronavirus is on

On Saturday 03.15.2020, Spain became the second country in Europe to impose sweeping restrictions on the public, telling everyone to stay indoors. Taken measures People could leave their homes to buy food, go to work if they cannot work remotely, seek health care, or to assist the elderly and others in need. All schools, restaurants, […]