UFC Undisputed 2010 Is Coming in Spring 2010 [video trailer]

The UFC has made several attempts to release a block buster hit video game, but up until the 2009 release, the reviews have been less then steller.  When UFC 2009 hit the market, the reception was substantially better than the previous versions, however, there were still some skeptics in the crowd. This time, the UFC […]

Facebook Technology

Is Facebook Coming To Play Station 3 (PS3)? Leaked images here…

Facebook Coming To PS3 There are some leaked photos (see below) hitting the web that apparently shows a Facebook platform integrated into PS3. We’ve seen the popularity of social networking explode online, but I think it pales in comparison to what will happen when somebody figures out an amazing way to integrate video gaming and […]


UFC Dana White vs. Boxing, Mayweather, & WWF

UFC vs. Floyd Mayweather This is a great video of Dana White, the president of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), giving his analysis of the Floyd Mayweather fight and the pay per view revenue generated.   Dana white goes on to compare UFC to both pro boxing and WWF (Word Wresting Federation) and says that UFC is […]

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UFC 101 – Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin Video Found On Twitter, Not YouTube

So here I am, wanting to check out the results of the UFC 101 fight between Anderson Siva and Forrest Griffin and I did what any reasonably minded person would do – I went to YouTube! I mean, if there’s a relevant video out there, surely I could find it on YouTube right? WRONG