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How To Use Facebook Fan Pages As A Website

viral_effectFacebook Fan Pages are simply amazing!  Here’s how you can “sort of” use them as a website:

But just when I thought Facebook Fans Pages were the best thing since sliced bread, I found the NBC Fan Page.

The NBC Fan Page has just given me the idea about how a business or organization can use a series of Fan Pages as a Facebook integrated and hosted website – along with the unimaginable viral marketing and branding power that has never before been possible.

Ok – let’s take a look at this “using Facebook as  a website concept”.

First go to the NBC Fan Page and scroll down until you see the section on the left hand column called “NBC Shows”.  Here you’ll see 14 banners for 14 different NBC shows.

Clicking on any one of these banners takes you to that show’s Facebook Fan Page.  For example, clicking on the first banner, Jay Leno, take you to Jay Leno’s Facebook Fan Page.

This time, when you scroll down and look on the left hand column, you see the 13 NBC shows (14 minus Jay Leno because you are now on Jay Leno’s page).  With me so far….?

This process unfolds for any of the 14 NBC Shows that are listed along the left hand column, creating in essence a navigation bar that takes you to specific pages – a lot like a website!

The powerful thing about NBC’s system of Facebook Fan Pages is this:

1) All of NBC’s pages are linked together for easy navigation to any show that interest you, keeping you connected to the NBC brand and allowing conversational engagement with viewers.

2) Because each of these pages are Facebook Fan Pages, NBC’s brand exposure is broadcasting throughout Facebook in a incomprehensible fashion.  Each time any of the fans of the 14 pages comments, all of their fans are able to see it and NBC receives the branding exposure.

My idea for using this concept at our church:

A system of Facebook Fan Pages, or a website built within and upon Facebook, is an idea I have for our church.

Our church, like most churches, has the main sanctuary and body of believers, a children’s ministry, youth ministry, and music ministry.

There are other ministries as well, but I’ll just use these 4 as my example.

So I would build 4 Facebook Fan Pages – one per ministry.  And along the left hand column of each page would be a square banner image that promotes ther respective ministry.

Following this system would now allows the church to have website style navigation from one page to another, yet the branding and marketing power of Facebook.

Not only would this greatly benefit the church because people could easily navigate to the different ministry pages, but from a branding / spreading of the word perspective, it’s nearly unimaginable to think about how many people are now being exposed to the church and its ministries.

Do you see what I’m talking about here?  I hope I’m explaining it clearly enough…

So that’s how I see Facebook Fan Pages being used as a website style system of pages for easy navigation, which keeps visitors engage with the church regardless of what page they go to, and simultaneously benefiting from exponential marketing and branding exposure.

What are you thougths about using Facebook Fan Pages as a “website”?

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