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How To Automatically Update Facebook Fan Pages from Twitter

Steps to updating your Facebook Fan Page with Twitter updates automatically!

Making this happen in can sometimes be tricky because things don’t usually go smooth – meaning, there are issues along the way with the process almost 100% of the time.

So follow the steps below and if you get too hung up, give me a call or email me – info is on my contact page.

Now I’m going to walk you through how I did it:

1) make sure you are logged into your Facebook Fan Page (you must be an administrator to the page you are going to set up)

2) open a new tab and go to the Facebook Page

3) On the left hand side, under “Go To Application”, select “add to my page”.  Once you click that, you will then be presented with a window where you should see your Facebook Fan Page to which you want to add the Ping.FM application.

4) Now you should be taken to a window that says “Congratulations, you’ve successfully added the application”.

** ALERT: If you don’t see your fan page, or get an error at this point, visit this link for a work around to get the app added to your fan page

5) After you successfully got the app installed, you should see on the 2nd paragraph an option to select to add your Facebook Fan Page to the app.

6) You will now see your Facebook Fan Page listed.  Go ahead and click “Grant Permission”

7) If you can’t “grant permission” or you still don’t see your Facebook Fan Page listed, follow these instructions for a work around

8) Now go to your profile (you need a account).

9) Add Facebook Pages to your settings.  If you already have a Facebook Fan Page added, then click “Posting” next to Facebook install, and you’ll see a link to ” Click here to add more pages to this list. ”

10) Click to add your page (or click here to add more pages)

11) a new window will open for you to “grant permission” to your Facebook Fan Page.  Now select the box next to your Facebook Fan Page that you want to have auto updated

12) You will then be given a green message ” Your settings have been updated”

13) Now that you have your Facebook Fan Page set up properly with the app, we need to move on over to

14) Twitter Feed is now able to auto update to a profile.  You’ll need your application key from Ping (go to dashboard, scroll down to right hand side for key)

15) Go to > create a new feed

16) Under Step 1 > select Ping.Fm > add your Ping.Fm application key

17) Under Step 2 > add a name for your feed

18) ADD YOUR TWITTER RSS FEED URL under the “add your feed URL”

19) go to advanced settings (if you want) and make whatever detailed changes you need (optional)

And that’s it!!!!

You should now be updating your Facebook Fan Page automatically each time your Twitter profile it updated.

There are many glitches that can occur along the way with, such as your Facebook Fan Page not taking the app from, your Twitter profile not taking in your profile, your Facebook Fan Page never showing your a positive status on your app taking.

Along the way, you’ll find links that has provided to overcome these issues with your Facebook Fan Page.  Follow these steps, and find your way through it.  For now anyway, seems to be the best choice for linking your Twitter to your Facebook Fan Page.

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