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How To: Update Twitter From Facebook Fan Pages

linked_facebook_twitterI wanted to add this update to my previous post about the new Facebook tool that allows you to update your Twitter profile from Facebook Fan Pages!

I just went through the process of linking my Fan Page to Twitter, and I’m now updating Twitter from my Facebook Fan Page!

The updates from my page to Twitter are instant, and of course the status line shows “updated from Facebook”.

Here’s how to link, and then update your Twitter profile from your Facebook Fan Pages:

1)  click here >

2)  follow on screen instructions to proceed to your list of fan pages

3)  next to your desired Fan Page, click “Link To Twitter”

4)  you’ll be taken to a Twitter authorization page where you might need to enter your login credentials for Twitter

5)  once you’ve done that, you get a message back on Facebook that you’ve now linked your page successfully to Twitter

Things to remember:

It’s critical that you remember Twitter only allows 140 characters, yet your Facebook Fan Page will allow much more than that.  So if you’re updating your FB page with the intention of also updating Twitter, make sure you remember the character restraint, or else you’ll have broken messages on Twitter.

Also, you can add media (links, photos, videos, notes, and events) along with your Facebook Fan Page updates that are going to Twitter!  But again, remember your character limitation on Twitter.

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This doesn't work. When I try to link a facebook fan page to twitter, it prompts me to create a personal profile page – no option to create a link with a fan page

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