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Why Doesn’t Apple Build It’s Own Phone Carrier For The iPhone

iphone-phone-carrierJust look at all the problems that have come about with AT&T, and China, and all the other indirect phone carrier associates that facilitate the iPhone doing what it does for hundreds of millions of users.

For Apple, why not just launch your own phone carrier – and then adios to all the carriers, and all the bureaucracy that has hindered both the growth of iPhone sales and the development of new, useful apps (Google Voice being my immediate example).

I’ve heard that AT&T is struggling desparately to keep up with mobile phone towers and bandwidth demand.  And it shows in the signal strength – my iPhone’s signal is very choppy if I’m out of a metro area – which is extremely frustrating.

Anyway, I think Apple should launch it’s own phone carrier entity – build it’s own data network – have it’s own phone carrier support, etc…

Cut out the middle man Apple, and let’s really open up the potential and value that your iPhone can bring to the world.

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it takes decades to build the types of networks that att and verizon have. apple should become a partnership with at&t and help add on to there network..

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