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Top 10 Countries Searching For Facebook – Where’s The U.S.?

facebook-globallyU.S. Not In Top 1o

In all my wildest dreams, I would have never believed that the United States would not be in the top 10 countries for search the word “Facebook”.

But to my utmost shock and awe, the U.S. is indeed NOT in the top 10 list of countries!

How can this be actually?  I mean, isn’t he U.S. like the most profitable place to be receiving online traffic from?

And I have to beliveve that those of us as a population spend more time on our computers than anyone else in the world.

But to my disbelief, the United States is not in the top 10 countries searching for “Facebook”.  HThe only other reason I can think of why this would be is because maybe here in the US we don’t need to search for Faceobook – everyone must knows to go to

Here’s the top 10 countries in the world searching for “Facebook” – this is from Google Trends:


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