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Facebook Kills Twitter In Google Trends Comparison

twitter-vs-facebookTwitter vs. Facebook in Search Volume

I’ve never thought to do this before, but I was sitting here wondering who gets more searches – Twitter or Facebook. Or to ask it another way – who is searched for more – Twitter or Facebook?

And then it occurred to me, like a bolt of lighting striking my brain, that all I needed to do was look at the comparison in Google Trends.  So I header on over to Google Trends to see what I get.  And boy, was I suprised!

Trying to make the comparison as easy and straight-forward as possible, I just put in “twitter, facebook” and then hit enter. The results would show me search volume for those 2 keywords.  And here’s the graph that I got:


Are you as surprised as I was to see these results?  I was expecting to see a closer match in search volume for some reason.  Or maybe I just wasn’t sure exactly what I would find.  But I certainly wasn’t expecting Facebook to be so exponentially higher in search volume.

After seeing the graph, I then wanted to see actual numbers.  So I turned to my favorite keyword tool – Google Adwords Keyword Tool – to try to get some solid numbers and here’s the results:


So check that out!  Search volume for Facebook is hundreds of millions more per than Twitter.  I guess this makes sense, I just didn’t think there was that much of a disparity.

What do you think about the difference in search volume?

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