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Obama Heckled Over Health Care – AGAIN! *video*

obama 2008Video – President Barack Obama Heckled

I’ve got a great strategy for anyone that is looking to get their 15 minutes of fame and you’re running out of ideas as to how to get it.  Start by researching President Barack Obama’s public speach calendar.

After you’ve decided as to what public speaking even you’re going to attent, have a well thought out plan as to how you can yell and scream at the President during his speach!

With the ability of being able to upload videos to YouTube from your mobile phones these days, you can be sure that at that public speaking event there will surely be someone who will video tape you and upload you to YouTube.

Then, within… say 2 days max, you’ll find yourself at the top of YouTube’s most viewed category!

Here’s a video that proves this process works:

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