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Google Can Now Send You To Sections Of A Page From Search Results

google-universal-searchThe days of going to Google, typing a query (a keyword phrase), and then chosing between 10 boring lines of blue to click on are long gone!

Now, instead of just the one line of blue links that take you to the page in the search results, Google has a new feature that is showing sections of pages that might be of more value and interest to you.

You no longer need to see the same old Wikipedia page, now you might see the sub sections of that page right in the search results of Google, click on those links, and be taken directly to that page.

Examples Of New Section Feature

Here’ s an example of the section search results you might start seeing more often Google search results.  The images below are for the search phrases “trans fats” and “good cholesterol level

Here’s what you get for “trans fats


Here’s what you get for “good cholesterol level


As you can see, jumping to sections of pages is whole lot easier now.  And you can expect to see more of these enhancements as time goes on.

The Changing Dynamics of Google Search

Beyond just the changes described above, it’s amazing to see how Google search results are becoming more diverse.  A wider range of content – images, news, videos, Google reader, and more – is finding it’s way into the top search results in Google.

Here’s some examples of what I’m talking about.

The search phrase “Barack Obama” gives you this at the top of page 1 in Google:


Notice above that you get a wide range of content integrated into the search results – news, images, etc…

And check out the top search result – you’ll see the section enhancement already at work on – see image below


See the sub sections above for Contact us – Health Care Action Center – Issues – Blog

These are all valuable sections within his website, and a great example of Google’s desire to provide you with the absolute highest quality search experience available.

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