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Alexa Has Facebook Outranking Yahoo Globally

facebook-logoI discovered a very “unexpected” ranking today on – a service that monitors the popularity of websites.  And what did I find?

I found Facebook ranked #2 and Yahoo ranked #3 globally:


It actually took a minute to register what I was looking at – and then it hit me – WOW… Facebook is now actually outranking Yahoo in Alexa!

Although this stat might hold true globally, this is not the case for the United States.  Yahoo still holds the #2 position and Facebook is at #3.

Here’s the Alexa ranking for the United States:


My prediction:

Based on Facebook’s recent growth rate (see’s chart below), I don’t see any reason why Facebook won’t be #2 ranked site in the US – beating out Yahoo – by the end of 2010.

Here’s Facebook’s growth chart:


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