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How To Make Someone An “Admin” – Facebook Fan Page

This is really simple, and something I’ve written about before.  However, it’s a question that comes up a lot and rightly so I suppose.

People are wanting to make others an admin to their Facebook Fan Page – that’s understandable – and need to know how to do it!  That’s why I’m writing this quick “How To”.  It’s going to be quick because… well… making someone an admin is simple.

Here’s how to make somene an “Admin” on your Facebook Fan Page:

1) The person you want to make an admin must first be a “fan” of your Facebook Fan Page.  This is always the first thing overlooked by people.  They don’t realize that in order to be an admin, you must first be a “fan” – which makes sense I suppose.  You probably don’t want “non-fans” to be admins of anything you’re associated with – right?

2) Now to down to your “fan box” on your Facebook Fan Page and click the “See All” link.  Your fan box is the box in the bottom left portion of your page where you see pictures of all your fans.  Go ahead and click the “See All” link.

3) Once you click the “See All” link, a new box will appear called “View Fans”.  This will be a screen that has your “fans” images on the left, and now look to the right.  You will see the button called “Make Admin”.  All you have to do is scroll through your list of fans until you find the person you want to make “admin”, and then simply click “Make Admin” – and that’s it!

Once you’ve clicked “Make Admin”, that person will receive an email, or message update on their Facebook Profile, that they’ve been added as an admin to your Facebook Fan Page.

*** Notes ***

First, this is also how you boot people from your Facebook Fan Page.  If you look to the right of your “Make Admin” button, you’ll notice the “x”.  If you press the “x” you’ll remove that person from your Fan Page all together.

Second, an “Admin” of a Facebook Fan Page has 100% control over design, functionality, assigning new admins, and booting people from your Facebook Fan Page.  So what I’m saying is, make sure you are “sure” you want that person to beyour “admin” on your Facebook Fan Page.

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I was wondering what you do if you're looking to make a specific person an admin? I noticed that the list starts with the most recently mad fan, but the person I want to make an admin was my second or third fan, and I have 19,100 fans.
Thanks if you can help!

Hi Ellen – thanks so much for commenting! The first thing to note here is that you can only make someone an admin to your page who is a "Friend" of yours on Facebook. So if the person you want to make "admin" isn't already a Facebook friend, then you need to send them a "friend invite" for them to accept.

Next, here's how you can easily find the person you are looking for amongst your 19,100 fans:

1) Click "edit page" directly under your Facebook Fan Page profile picture

2) Once you click "edit page" you are now looking at your Facebook Fan Page dashboard > look to the right hand column and scroll down until you find the "Admins" section.

3) Once your find the "Admins" section, you'll see an "ADD" link > go ahead and click the "ADD" link

4) After you click the "ADD" link a new window will pop up of all of your Facebook friends – you can then search by name for the person you are looking for > click there image (you'll see a white check mark appear)

5) After you've selected the person you want to make admin, then click the "Add Admins" button at the bottom of that window

That's it! You can select as many of your Facebook friends as you like to admin your Facebook Fan Page – there is no limit.

Hope that helps!

I think I'm going to write an article that explains this as well because I'm sure other people out there have the same quesiton.

Thanks again Ellen!

P.S. Can I check out your Facebook Fan Page? (post a link if you'd like)

I actually tried scrolling through 4,000 fans to make someone an admin… thank you for showing me the quick way! If only FB would put a "find" box in that fans window, it would be so much easier.

I have a question about Facebook fan pages. I was made an administrator on a fan page. But I'm not sure how to post a status update for the fan page. Whenever I go to the page and post an update, it posts as me instead of as the object of the fan. Can you help?

Hi Christina – thanks so much for posting your question! All admins, when posting on the Facebook Fan Page of which they've been made admin, will also show as the fan page is posting.

If you are having a problem where your Facebook personal profile is showing when you try to post to the fan page, then I'm thinking you were not successfully added as an admin. Please confirm with the Fan Page owners that they have indeed made the correct profile (your Facebook profile) the admin…

let me know how it goes – and thanks so much again!

Hi Nicolette – yes, you will still remain "admin" even though you make someone else admin. There is no limit to the number of "admins" a Facebook Fan Page can have.

Hi there! Is there a way to remove the original creator of a Facebook fan page? For example, I started a fan page for a client. Now the client wants to take over the Facebook fan page and remove me from the admin list. There is no "remove" option next my name, only next admins that I have invited. Thanks in advance!

If someone can help me here. I have a client who owns a facebook fan page, but she is not the admin, so technically, she is not the owner or the person who started it.

She wants to contact that person and we cannot find anywhere that it tells you who the admin is. Does anybody know how to find the admin?

I'm wondering if you remove the connection to the friend, does that automatically sever the administrative access? I manage pages for clients and do NOT want them to be my "friends" and see my personal pages. I allowed them to be my friend for the purpose of setting up the admin, but now I want to remove the connection but retain admin status. Thanks!

If someone other than the original administrator is made an administrator of a page, can that additional administrator view the personal pages of a fan on the page they are an administrator of even if they themselves are not a friend of that fan? I have been avoiding being a friend to someone, and now I find out they have been added as an administer to a page that I am a fan of and I'm wondering if they'll now be able to view my page since I am a fan of the site they were secretly added as an administrator to?

how do I become Facebook group admin again?
On Facebook I created a group. I wanted it so when I wrote on the wall it would say the “group name” of my name. I deleted myself as admin (stupid me) in hope that could write as the “group name” . NOW I RELIZE that I cannot control anything and I want it to go back!!! HOW DO I MAKE MYSELF ADMIN AGAIN?????????????

HI there,

I'm just wondering if there is a way to know the profile of the admin that is posting in the fan page?

For example:
An admin of a page posted a link to the wall of the fan page, and that admin did not put any name or codename.

How could I know whose admin is posting those stuffs? Is there a way to know that?
I hope there is, because our section in the school have our own fan page. And every pupils in our class are admins. There are pupils posting violent words without saying or typing their name in there posts. I am eager to know who are those pupils.

Thanks for answering my question!
By the way, this article is nice :)

Hi! I have created a Group on FB, but it seems like i still appear as myself whenever i Post something on the wall, instead of appearing as the Group. How do i change this?Pls help, thanks.

I have a fan site with 21,000 fans. It is getting to be too much work and thought of closing it
Someone mentioned appointing an Admin to assist me.
I have a few questions?
Once I select someone can I get rid of them if they do not turn out?
If I select someone am I still an administrator.’
Can they knock me off as admin and take over the site?
Thanks to anyone who can help

Hi – yes, if you are the “creator” of the fan page you can appoint an
“admin” and then remove the “admins” at your discretion.

Only the “creator” of the fan page can remove other admins – other admins
cannot remove you the “creator”.

hope that helps…

I was looking on facebook for a job to be an admin for someone and there your post was. I would like to be an admin and am going to try to do my best. If you want I can do it on a trial basis and if I don’t do things up to your standard then get rid of me. If you would be interested in maybe considering me please email me at

I make’d myself a fan of a page I made, but I can’t see myself on the fan list to put like an admin, I see a Like but not the person, i’m going crazy with this. A friend of mine can’t see me either on is page, and I have a like in there.

Please HELP

Rawr :3 Help. I gave away my page to a person I trust,but now she doesn’t want it.We agreed to return it to me.Here’s the problem: she does not have a computer. All she has is an IPod. Is there any possible way to add me as a manager from her IPod? Maybe there is an app for it,idk! -.- Help please!! :(

I have one query how many admins we can create for Facebook fan page. Is there any limitation for admin on FB page? help me out please :(

You must be a FRIEND of the person giving you the permission in addition to being a Like person of the page.

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