How To Make Someone An “Admin” – Facebook Fan Page

This is really simple, and something I’ve written about before.  However, it’s a question that comes up a lot and rightly so I suppose.

People are wanting to make others an admin to their Facebook Fan Page – that’s understandable – and need to know how to do it!  That’s why I’m writing this quick “How To”.  It’s going to be quick because… well… making someone an admin is simple.

Here’s how to make somene an “Admin” on your Facebook Fan Page:

1) The person you want to make an admin must first be a “fan” of your Facebook Fan Page.  This is always the first thing overlooked by people.  They don’t realize that in order to be an admin, you must first be a “fan” – which makes sense I suppose.  You probably don’t want “non-fans” to be admins of anything you’re associated with – right?

2) Now to down to your “fan box” on your Facebook Fan Page and click the “See All” link.  Your fan box is the box in the bottom left portion of your page where you see pictures of all your fans.  Go ahead and click the “See All” link.

3) Once you click the “See All” link, a new box will appear called “View Fans”.  This will be a screen that has your “fans” images on the left, and now look to the right.  You will see the button called “Make Admin”.  All you have to do is scroll through your list of fans until you find the person you want to make “admin”, and then simply click “Make Admin” – and that’s it!

Once you’ve clicked “Make Admin”, that person will receive an email, or message update on their Facebook Profile, that they’ve been added as an admin to your Facebook Fan Page.

*** Notes ***

First, this is also how you boot people from your Facebook Fan Page.  If you look to the right of your “Make Admin” button, you’ll notice the “x”.  If you press the “x” you’ll remove that person from your Fan Page all together.

Second, an “Admin” of a Facebook Fan Page has 100% control over design, functionality, assigning new admins, and booting people from your Facebook Fan Page.  So what I’m saying is, make sure you are “sure” you want that person to beyour “admin” on your Facebook Fan Page.