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WordPress SEO Tips Part V – Use Keyword Rich Categories & Tags


WordPress SEO Tips Part V

This is part of our continue WordPress SEO Tips Series.  You can follow along by visiting our WordPress SEO Tips category to see all of the previous articles.

WordPress SEO Tips Part V – Use Keyword Rich Categories & Tags

Creating keyword rich categories and tags is one of the most productive habits that any content site or blogger can develop.   Categories and tags create a long term strong hold in SERPs (search engine ranking positions).

Keyword rich categories and tags are critical.

Keywords are the cornerstone to increasing your online presence because after all, they are what people type into Google when they want, need, or desire something.

And when you use keyword phrases as your categories or tags, you are in essence creating a massive amount of content underneath the main category keyword phrase.

Let’s use this article for an example.  The main tag I’m using for this series is “WordPress SEO Tips”.  This article is part V (part 5), so there are now 5 full articles under this one tag “WordPress SEO Tips”.

“WordPress SEO Tips” search phrase

This phrase “wordpress seo tips” happens to be a very popular search phrase according to the Google keyword tool….   meaning, a lot of people are typing this phrase into Google’s search bar wanting more information about some SEO tips for their WordPress blogs.

Now let’s say, on average, each of my five articles under the tag “wordpress seo tips” are 400 words long.  400 words times 5 blogs equals… class… class…. that’s right – 2000 words!

Categories and tags allow for large volumes of content

So now I have a highly searched keyword phrase “wordpress seo tips” as my tag with approximately 2000 words of quality content underneath.

This makes for a very fertile platform for top rankings in Google’s search results for the keyword phrase “wordpress seo tips”.

The same strategy applies with categories as with tags.

With categories, you develop a long term strong hold in search engines due to the high levels of content built around category specific keyword phrases.

Compendium is a company that builds corporate and business blogs for clients and their entire strategy is built around the simple concept of leveraging keyword rich categories.

They understand that keyword rich categories, coupled with a lot of high quality content, will dramatically increase a blog’s chances of having a strong ranking in Google for that category specific keyword phrase.

The Take A Way:

When writing your blog postings, understand the long term value of creating keyword rich categories and tags.  Then, as you write each article, make sure you’re using your pre-planned and pre-established categories and tags.

Over time, these categories and tags will build a substantial amount of content under them, and your blog (you, your business, etc…) will greatly benefit from the increased exposure in all major search engines.

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