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Could We See A $99 iPhone 3GS?

iphone-8gb-3gsDroid Arrives Tomorrow for only $99

Tomorrow is the big day for the Droid to hit Verizon stores throughout the US.

The price of the Droid is set to at $99 – after a $100 mail in rebate.

Certainly there is going to be a lot of hype and buzz on the web tomorrow around the Motorola Droid hitting Verizon stores.

But don’t think for a minute thatthe iPhone is going to sit by idle!

There are already rumors on the web about an 8GB iPhone 3GS that will be sold for only $99, and will be hitting the AT&T stores in time for Christmas.

Regardless of what happens, I’m excited to see some competition for the iPhone to hit the market.  This ultimately becomes a win for you and I – the users of these devices!

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