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Facebook Fan Page Tip – Maximize Your 420 Character Space Limit

facebook-fan-page-420-character-spaceFacebook Fan Page Tip

We all know that Twitter allows a maximum of 140 characters.  But did you know that the Facebook Fan Page wall box also has a maximum character space?

The maximum character space for a Facebook Fan Page wall box (or wall posting) is 420 characters! Let me show what that looks like:

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The paragraph above is from my previous Facebook Fan Page posting, and it is just about 420 character spaces long – maybe a few short, but pretty close.

Maximizing Your 420 Characters

Since 420 character spaces is equivalent to one healthy paragraph, you should be maximizing this content space in your Facebook Fan Page updates.

With 420 character spaces, you can almost turn your Fan Page updates into miniature blog postings – not to mention that you can also add photos, links, videos, and other supporting attachments to each posting.

So the next time you post something on your Facebook Fan Page, make sure you’re maximizing your 420 character space limit and providing great content to your fans!

Not only will your fans appreciate more indepth content from you, but it will get you in the habit of providing rich, indepth updates from your wall.

A Facebook Fan Page is a powerful marketing and branding tool that allows you to build strong relationships with your audience.  And maximizing every tool available in your updates (wall postings) helps you build that audience faster, and connect on a much deeper level!

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are you sure you want to post that much content? It seems people would get tired of reading an move on …

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