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WordPress SEO Tips Part VII – Link Out And Touch Someone

wordpress-seo-tips-7WordPress SEO Tips Part VII

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WordPress SEO Tips Part VII – Link Out And Touch Someone

So much focus in the SEO community is focused on acquiring inbound links.  To the degree, I’m afraid, that publishers have forgotten what a healthy site means.

It’s true, getting high quality inbound links is important, but we cannot forget the other side to inbound links – and that’s linking out to other sites!

Healthy Outbound Linking

As Google crawls and indexes websites, they are not only analyzing inbound links to your site, but they are also following links from your site.

Who you link out to is important because it tells search engines who you are associated with.

It’s similar to how the crowd of people you hang out with naturally associates you with that particular group’s dynamics, personalities, interests, etc…

And from Google’s perspective, the higher quality the sites are that you’re linking out to, the higher quality associations will be assessed to your site.

Visitor’s Perceptions Are Key

Not only is linking out to high quality sites a valuable practice for search engines, but it also tells your readers and visitors that you maintain a high quality of writing.

Linking out to other sites that you reference in your blog postings tells your readers that you are willing to attribute content to its original source.  This speaks highly of you as a writer, and leaves a strong impression on your readers.

The Take A Way

The practice of linking out to other high quality sites is a habit that is attributed to high quality blogging.

Not only does linking out to other sites help Google attribute more authority to your site, but it helps your readers get a deeper experience with your content.

And it helps your readers know that you are willing to give credit where credit is due!

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